FIFA22 Ultimate Team’s First Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Trader / FIFA Autobidder, Autobuyer

How Does the Ultimate Trading Robot Operate?

Searches the market for profitable players automatically.
When you press the Start button, the Robot analyzes the whole Market card and its pricing, seeking for lucrative trades for you.

The Robot then purchases and lists the players.
The Ultimate Trading Robot then bids on low-priced players and relists the cards you win at a higher price.

You Collect the Coins Produced by the Robot
You get the FUT Coins from the sold auctions when the players are sold.

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The Ultimate Trading Robot’s Artificial Intelligence generates money for you while you sleep, go to school, work, or simply play FIFA.
The Robot searches the market for Player/Chemistry Styles/Position combinations with a high profit potential, buys the players with a high profit potential, and then relists them for a higher price, and continues to relist them until they sell.

You tally your coins…

Player Search Using Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)

For the first time in any FIFA Ultimate Team software, you DO NOT NEED TO SELECT THE PLAYERS TO TRADE… the Ultimate Trading Robot will do it for you by automatically searching the FUT Market for Random Profitable players to Buy and Sell.

This Scan is generated by the extremely powerful Ultimate Trading Robot Price Check Algorithm, which determines what prices each player may be purchased and sold for, ensuring that every transaction the Robot does will earn you money!

Automatic Bid, Buy, List, Relist, etc

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